About Jeremy

I love any activity/thing where you can see personal improvement. Ranging from video games, skateboarding, running, lifting weights, self improvement audio books, and ESPECIALLY CODING!! I love coding because there are always way to improve and make things more efficient. It is exciting for me to help other people improve their processes; helping them quickly turn on the lights, cook food, or a cool gadget that improves their life. I love seeing programs from other people and how they achieve success.

I am currently a software developer at hmttank.com. In 2012, I graduated with bachelor of science in Civil Engineering at BYU and started work as a project engineer. Any work I performed I instinctively kept trying to automate my work. I had taken Computational Methods class where I learned Excel VBA. I quickly took use of this programming language and found it very helpful in excelling my engineering career. With sweat and tears I gratefully obtained my Professional Engineering Licence 2017 for the state of Texas. I passed the PE exam in subject of Civil Construction Engineering. I gradually transitioned into a full time software designer.