Find Intersect Between Two Block Objects

This code will create two blocks that have a light weight polyline of a triangle and a trapezoid. We want the two object to have a specific gap between them without intersecting. WE CAN DO THIS! No Calculus required. We do this by exploding the block and then offsetting the polyline a specific distance with … Continue reading Find Intersect Between Two Block Objects

Change Tags of all MultiLeader objects

This example shown is for a custom multileader that has additional attributes; although with slight modification it can also work with standard multileader. This is useful when trying to match the pcmarks with the Bill of Material items in a table. The code can be expanded to loop through a BOM table, for simplicity I … Continue reading Change Tags of all MultiLeader objects

Editing Dynamic Block Attributes

Paste the following code into excel VBA module. Next add a folder named 'support' and put the dwg file that has all your dynamic blocks. Keep the 'support' folder in the same folder as the excel workbook. See this post on creating dynamic blocks . I have also uploaded a folder called 'support' on … Continue reading Editing Dynamic Block Attributes

TranslateCoordinates/TransformBy Methods

This example shows how to use TranslateCoordinates and TransformBy methods, which are very helpful when drawing 3D objects in autoCAD with VBA It first draws a closed polyline on the orginal UCS. The original UCS is given a name 'OriginalUCSj' so that we can activate the original UCS again. The polyline is then moved … Continue reading TranslateCoordinates/TransformBy Methods